Implementation of postal with hangfire

I thought I would make a few notes about personal experience implementing hangfire in a small web app (as a new user, I am unable to place more than 2 links, so I will put some plain text links in):

  1. A fantastic piece of software - well documented and joy to use. The implementation I used is very similar to that in the manual, but can be viewed on Github if anyone is interested (
  2. Following the by and large very good documentation: 1.5.1 Sending Mail in Background with ASP.NET MVC (page8), there are a few caveats about using Postal outside MVC. It is obvious when thinking about how MVC is implemented, but before jumping in it is worth noting layouts, rendering partials, and viewbag will not be available. It might be worth a note to this effect in the documentation.
    2.1 There are some problems if using Postal outside MVC and precompiling on publish, as described in this Stack Overflow question. Still figuring this one out.
  3. There is some old documentation (and posts on this forum) around. The dashboard authorization API has changed, and documentation regarding version 0.8 ( has been superseded, and is clearly documented in page 48 of the current (1.0) manual, but it took me a short while to find. Ideally (and this is a small one) there would be a note in the 0.8 documentation that the documentation is historical.

Overall, a big thank you to odinserj and anyone else involved in this project.

@mcshaz, thank you for highlighting confusing things, I’ve made the following fixes:

I’ve left discussing forum information as-is. Hope we’ll displace the obsolete topics soon.

UPD. I’ve increased the trust level for you to overcome url and other limitations.