How to use Hangfire to run automatically in daily basis,every 5 minutes?

I need to run automatically while my PC has restarted in web background app like a windows services,please give me solution asap

You can implement hangfire as a windows service just like you mentionned.

it’s like a console application/web application

I also have a windows service but I need a upgraded one so I choose it

I don’t fully understand what do you need.

you want a windows service that has the hangfire dashboard?

if not, can you please explain your problem more clearly?

It runs when I restart my PC again
I need automatically running background web application

If you want the hangfire dashboard to restart automatically when you restart your computer, you can publish your web application into iis

Yeah I publish web Application in my IIS ,But It need a request everyday when on my PC,I need Auto not in manual

This looks more like a badly configured IIS. Hangfire always stays on. IIS probably shut down hangfire because it doesn’t receive web request.

You should look on how to have your application always staying on with IIS.

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yeah ,when I on my PC how to works my link for Hangfire without request?

Try to make your web application always running

thank you so much!Steven