How to restart Hangfire server after reboot server IIS 8.5

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I created a webapp with blazor serverside with a scheduler in my app using Hangfire. It’s hosted in a IIS 8.5 on windows server 2012.

I already did all the settings to make sure my blazor app dont stop and dont recycle (idle=0,startmode,Regular Time Interval…) so the sheduler is always running. And all work good.

But if there is any server reboot, i need to restart my Hangfire server to restart the sheduler inside the app (just with single ping of the url in a browser)…

Like we can see on the screen, the hangfire server dont start until i ping my blazor’s URL in a browser…

I think this is primarily an IIS thing, and what you want is to set the Application Pool in IIS to AlwaysRunning, so instead of starting up the worker process on the first web request it starts the worker process as soon as IIS starts.

See this SF answer

thanks for your message :slight_smile:
But like i said i already set the sarting mode of the application pool to AlwaysRunning :frowning:
What i understand is that IIS is relaunch well all application except that i need to restart my blazor app by reach the url on a browser to restart my hangfire server … :frowning: