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How to AddOrUpdate RecurringJob for every 2 hours


We are using abp and hangfire.

Upgraded to HFA core 1.7.3 and abp.hangfire to 4.6.
Just wondering how do we set 2 hourly job.

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When adding the recurring job, you have to use this cron expression so that it runs every 2 hours :
* */2 * * *

reference : contab.guru

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the expression. We are using Corn.Hourly(…), Corn.Daily()
What does that equvalent using Corn.?

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If you could use Cron.HourInterval(2) but it’s deprecated and will be removed in 2.0.0, so i would suggest using the Cron expression * */2 * * *.

From what i can understand, The Cron class just returns Cron expressions, so it practically makes no difference.

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β€œ* */2 * * *” - this will run for each min and each two hour.
If you need it to be run each two hours only then use, β€œ0 */2 * * *”.