How schedule a delayed job to a specific queue?

Hi all,
I’m trying to enqueue a delayed task to a specific queue,
I know how to enqueue a message to a queue normally:

var client = new BackgroundJobClient();
var state = new EnqueuedState(queue);
client.Create(() => Console.WriteLine(msg), state);

I’m looking for the equivalent of posting a job with a time delay:

Hangfire.BackgroundJob.Schedule(() => Console.WriteLine(msg),TimeSpan.FromMinutes(3));

However, as far as I can see the Schedule method takes no EnqueuedState parameter and client.Create() takes no Timespan parameter?

Many thanks for any help.

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As of right now you can’t. I’ve looked at the code and this isn’t currently available as of 1.6.8. It’s something I would love to have as well.