How much it is hard to read the documentation?

I’ve read a lot of books in english language, but it is new to me to write in english. That is why I think there are a lot of different mistakes (including, but not limited to grammar), and want to know how much it is hard to read the documentation? I can’t evaluate the quality of materials, because my knowledge of this language is not enough to perform this task.

I want to write the content first, and later invite editors and correctors to make it more easier to understand. But if it is hard to understand now, I should review my priorities.

P.S. Can anyone help me with the task of correcting things?

Hej Sergey,

I can read and comprehend your documentation very well. Your grammar and vocabulary is so good that you can clearly express the technical issues. Since I’m not a native speaker I can’t help you improve your docs.


Ok, good to hear that it is enough to understand: I use Google Translate a lot, try to guess articles, tenses, words etc., etc., and this is a bad sign that should be taken into account. So, I’ll continue to make it more and more comprehensive first, and then will correct it.

@odinserj - I can help with the review of documentation - native language reading and writing is English. Contact me via private message and I would be happy to help.

@KOL, thanks for your offer! I’ve already sent you a private message.