How does hangfire handle misfires?

Consider the following:
I have a recurring job that is executed every minute. After a few minutes my entire application crashed. The application comes back after 15 minutes (and a new backgroundserver is instanciated within it).

I expect this server to execute the 15 jobs that were not executed due to downtime. Quartz would allow me to set misfire instructions (e.g. execute only the last job, execute all immediately, do nothing, etc.). How is the policy in in hangfire with that regard? Do I have any say on how misfired jobs are treated? Will they even be executed at all?

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Hello, I am also interested in how Hangfire handles misfires (executes all misfires or just the last), and if we can configure misfire instructions in the same way as Quartz.

Bumping topic; this is a relevant question for me as well.