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How can hangfire dashboard gets the authorization header per request

I’m trying to secure the dashboard via claims authentication.

I have a separate auth server that issue claims.

        app.UseOAuthBearerAuthentication(new OAuthBearerAuthenticationOptions()

        app.UseHangfire(config =>
            config.UseAuthorizationFilters(new ClaimsBasedAuthorizationFilter("Usercode", "SomeValue"));

My token is stored in the browser localstorage, my problem is i dont know how to pass this to hangfire every request so the user is validated.

Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Are you using ASP.NET Identity or so?

No, im not using AspNet Identity. I have a single page application that uses angular and im planning to redirect to the hangfire dashboard.

You should empower your server side with authentication logic (like ASP.NET Identity) or use basic authentication for simple cases.