Hooking up usermanager authorization


is there a way to use ASP.net Core’s UserManager to authorize the Dashboard access?
I tried injecting the user manager but it is disposed of by the time it is run inside the authorizing method.
I tried the following but the user is empty:
public class CustomAuthorizationFilter : IDashboardAuthorizationFilter
private readonly string _policyName;

            public CustomAuthorizationFilter(string policyName)
                _policyName = policyName;

            public bool Authorize(DashboardContext context)
                var httpContext = context.GetHttpContext();
                var authService = httpContext.RequestServices.GetRequiredService<IAuthorizationService>();
                var ReturnValue = authService.AuthorizeAsync(httpContext.User, _policyName).GetAwaiter().GetResult().Succeeded;
                return ReturnValue;

please help!

Did you manage to solve this? I am facing the same issue