Hangifre is a badest background job ever

this package is not well optimize and its kill the server ram and cpu

Could you share some details on your setup and your usage as well as what versions and what storage are you using?

sql server and 1.6.17

and when i fire only one job its kill the cpu

What job do you fire, could you share the code or create a GitHub repo?

actually i have a problem i dont know its related or not
may website is on asp mvc5
and for every request that i sent to server for exaple loading home page
the cpu trying to go for 100 % or 60% or 50%
and when request is done cpu get back to normal (3% or % or 10 %)

and when i fire a job its just kill the cpu

Without any code I can’t tell you anything. You can create the following background job, and it will kill your CPU, but the problem will be in the job itself.

while (true) ;
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i delete the hangfire but problem still on going for every request cpu goes high
any idea?
is that normal that iis goes high
and is there any way that can monitor it

Man, you have to provide the code you’re using (or any details, really) if you want some help on the matter.

If you are a programmer, you should know that by now.