Hangfire with SimpleInjector


Hi Devmondo - I am using Hangfire with SImpleInjector - I have upgraded hangfire to version 1.02 - one of the changes in hangfire was the HangFire namespace was changed to Hangfire with a small f - if I look into the DLL for Hangfire SimpleInjector I can see - note the using namespace for HangFire which breaks for latest version of hangfire - is it possible you can apply a new update for this?

using HangFire;
using SimpleInjector;
using System;

namespace HangFire.SimpleInjector
public class SimpleInjectorJobActivator : JobActivator

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@KOL, unfortunately, Hangfire.SimpleInjector package does not support Hangfire version 1.0 yet. However, pull request is already merged to the main repository. @devmondo, can you release the updated version to the NuGet Gallery?