Hangfire server not running

We are using Hangfire version 1.1 in our MVC web application, we use it to execute long running background jobs only. We have noticed that at times the hangfire server is not running (checked the hangfire.server table in SQL server which shows no entries). Restarting the web application seems to solve the problem temporarily.

Is there a way to figure out why the hangfire server is not running. Also would like to know if one can monitor the health of the hangfire server - as in is it running and is it picking up enqueued jobs?

Finally can anyone point to any blog post/article detailing the architecture of the hangfire server - does it run in process along with the web application, what happens when the application pool restarts and such.

Thanks in advance.

Hangfire uses logging to tell systems administrator about problems. It uses different semantic log levels to tell the message importance (fatal level requires manual intervention, error tells you about about errors). Please see this topic for the details.

In the latest version logging configuration steps are very easy and for most cases work out of the box. So you can plug in the logging and see the problems.

Relating to the architecture, there is no such topics yet, but you can see the sources :smile: I’m planning to write about it, but a bit later, after releasing continuations.

Thanks a lot for your response. We will upgrade and configure logging to get more information on our issue.