Hangfire running on localhost but not on custom domain bindings in IIS

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We moved our apps from a web server to another due to end of life. The only change between the two configurations is the OS version (Windows 2019 vs 2012) and IIS version (IIS 10 vs 7)
we are unable to load the dashboard, there was no particular dashboard authorization in the code and it used to work properly
Now, the behavior without authorization is loading http://localhost/hangfire but not http://mydomain.com/hangfire
When adding a standard authorization filter such as the below, both bindings work but the dashboard becomes accessible to anyone from the outside, not just within the machine itself

Public Class MyAuthorizationFilter
Implements IDashboardAuthorizationFilter

Private Function IDashboardAuthorizationFilter_Authorize(<NotNull> context As DashboardContext) As Boolean Implements IDashboardAuthorizationFilter.Authorize
    'Throw New NotImplementedException()
    Return True
End Function

End Class