HangFire no ejecuta las tareas después de un buen tiempo

Buenas que tal, estamos utilizando HangFire en el lugar donde trabajo y estamos teniendo algunos problemas el cual no se como resolver, el HangFire deja de ejecutar las tareas después de un buen tiempo de cerrar la aplicación. Se creo un proyecto para administrar los trabajos en segundo plano.

I am assuming that Google Translate is doing a horrible job here. Can’t understand what you are asking.
Maybe if you try asking in English, or you can wait for someone that can read Spanish to come by. This forum just doesn’t have much traffic, so I don’t know how likely that is to happen.

In my workplace we are implementing HangFire, but we are having several problems with the tool. Currently HangFire connects to an oracle database, for this we downloaded an extension of the tool called HangFire.Oracle.core. Background processes run for a certain time but then no longer.

Hello good afternoon :
In this case, the problem is that when the web application where the tasks are managed in HangFire is not executed, those tasks are not automatically processed.

In this web application, it is managed how often the tasks will be executed in the database, in this case the Oracle database is used. The problem is when the web application does not run, the tasks do not start automatically, they just run when the user enters the web application. Please if you can help us. Thank you very much

You are running the Hangfire server(s) in a web application? Then you need to configure it to be always running.
See: https://docs.hangfire.io/en/latest/background-processing/processing-jobs-in-web-app.html

I would however personally suggest you instead run the Hangfire server(s) in a Windows Service or a console application, it is easier to keep it running and monitor it. Running the Hangfire server(s) in a web application means you need to ensure a lot of your webserver is configured correctly to not shut it down, and this is not normally something you would want to do on a webserver.