Hangfire job that starts midway through the hour and runs every 5 minutes for next several hours

I’m trying to configure a Hangfire job that starts at 3:33am in the morning and runs every 5 minutes until 4pm in the afternoon, Monday-Friday.

Unfortunately if I do 33/5 3-15 * * 1-5, this only runs between 33 minutes past the hour until the hour, then it sleeps from 0-33 minutes every hour until the 33rd minute.

I’ve tried 33-32/5 3-15 * * 1-5, but this produces the same result as above.

One solution is to make two jobs (#1 33-59/5 3 * * 1-5 and #2 */5 4-15 * * 1-5), but I figure there must be some way to do this out of the box. Help!

this can be helping U?

33,38,43,48,53,58 3-15 * * 1-5

U can use this


The problem is I also need it to do 3,8,13,18,23,28 for the next several hours as well – just not for the first hour.

Ya hangfire should have a StartAt parameter when u call it