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Hangfire Job History & Job description

Hi I create hangfire jobs and want to give the job a specific name.
In fact I want to add a descriptive name when queueing the job
BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice("JobName’, arg1,arg2,arg3);
How can we do this ?
Now I see in jobshistory Always the same called method
Id Job Total Duration Succeeded
#9 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice 1m 50.414s 18 minutes ago
#8 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice 1m 16.674s 23 minutes ago
#6 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice 30.66s a day ago
#4 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice 2m 48.560s a day ago
#3 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice 3m 46.560s a day ago
#2 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDeviceWithItsDataControllerFrequency 12.25s a day ago
#1 HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice

I actually asked this question as a github issue a while back (https://github.com/HangfireIO/Hangfire/issues/170)

The way that you can do this is that you add a DisplayName attribute to the class that is processing the job and make the description a parameter to the job.

So for example:

public class EmailJobRunner
    [DisplayName("Email Job - description: {0}")]
    public void EmailCustomer(string description, int customerId, string email)


and then execute it:

BackgroundJob.Enqueue<EmailJobRunner>(x => x.Process("Sending email to Joe Bloggs", customerId, emailContents));

That’s not a good solution in my case. I have a generic class which can start a lot of different things.
The context is different so I cannot use the display attribute because then I Always have the same description.
public static void ExecuteDevice(int userId, int deviceId, string libPath)

this executes fe thing which do maintenance on a table
or fe imports an excel file
so I need to set the displayattribute in the method

    public static void ExecuteDevice(int userId, int deviceId, string libPath)
       displayName = string.format("JobName : {0}",_service.GetDevice(deviceId).Name);
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Is it difficult to implement an additional parameter for adding a jobdecription ?
I think a lot of users will be happy ?
BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => HangfireExecuter.ExecuteDevice("JobName’, arg1,arg2,arg3);


That person also needs it

As mentioned by @paulduran you can add a description argument to your generic supermethod and generated the friendly description right before scheduling.

void ExecuteDevice(string friendlyDescription, int userId, int deviceId, string libPath)

Hi there, i’ve tried doing this, and adding a BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => MyMethod(‘test’, a)); But in the Job Description, it still says ‘Could not find target method’.

Does the Dashboard need to A) find the target method with references, in combination with B) adding a DisplayName for this to work?

Thank you.