"Hangfire is reliable for ASP.NET from scratch, even on Shared Hosting!"

This title is a quote from the website. Yet I cannot find special documentation for shared hosting users. Actually I have only found that it does not work.

So I have a shared hosting (not azure) where I need to run scheduled task every x hours. I do not have access to the servers configurations (well, the basic configurations, but I cannot VM into the server). And it will shutdown my application after some idle time. I do not intent to keep the application alive, since yea, then eventually they will tell us to move to dedicated hosting.

They do give me the option to run windows scheduled tasks, which I have to send them the instructions for. This is great for the overal tasks that can happen over night. But there is also one requirement to send shipment track-and-trace updates.

So, is hangfire a good deal for me?

hi. i have a suggestion. i use https://uptimerobot.com/ for monitoring. it pings every x time. so the website never be idle. and when the site shutdown, uptimerobot sends email. you can check your cron with https://healthchecks.io/