Hangfire Dashboard Authentication via Azure Active Directory

Has anyone successfully secured the Hangfire dashboard using OAuth2 and Azure Active Directory? I tried the following and nothing was displayed and I wasn’t prompted to log in.

public class MyRestrictiveAuthorizationFilter : IAuthorizationFilter
    public bool Authorize(IDictionary<string, object> owinEnvironment)
        // In case you need an OWIN context, use the next line,
        // `OwinContext` class is the part of the `Microsoft.Owin` package.
        var context = new OwinContext(owinEnvironment);

        // Allow all authenticated users to see the Dashboard (potentially dangerous).
        return context.Authentication.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated;

Did you have any luck with this?

I tried the following

public bool Authorize(DashboardContext context)
            return context.GetHttpContext().User.Identity.IsAuthenticated;

But ‘IsAuthenticated’ always returns false, even after I successfully logged in