Hangfire 1.46 Microsoft SQL Server database size overused

Hi everyone, I’m using Hangfire 1.4.6 with an SQL Server database, my application is currently on production, I have two recurring jobs that are executed every hour, but the database size is increasing over 300MB and I don’t why. I recently get a notification from my hosting provider, that reads: Subscription was suspended due to resource overuse. Microsoft SQL database quota overused 300 MB limit / 307.8 MB used.

I have been trying the following configurations in order to optimize the performance but the DB size continue increasing unexpectedly:
I already set the JobExpirationCheckInterval = TimeSpan.FromHours(6)
I also applied ReduceExpirationTime filter globally GlobalJobFilters.Filters.Add(new ReduceExpirationTimeAttribute()); // 2 hours

Please if anyone can figure out what could be wrong, I would be more than happy, any recommendation or suggetions are also more than welcome.
I don’t know if update Hangfire to the latest version can introduce any problem? Is it recommended in order to solve my problem??