FTP Remote Folder Monitoring

It is very typical in the business world for a client to drop a file on an FTP folder and a service will process the uploaded file and create a new file. The creation of new file could take from 5 minutes to a day. Meanwhile, the client sits there and waits for the new file.

Is anyone here using Hangfire for monitoring remote FTP folders for creation of new files? If so, please tell us how you use Hangfire. Do you queue a background process or run a recurring task? If you use a background process, this background process has to keep looking for the new file before exiting. If you create a recurring task that keeps looking for the new file, this task has to be deleted once the new file is found.
So it seems to me, for this requirement, you need to create a recurring task that deletes itself when the new file is found.


Hi, I am looking for similar kind . Just curious if you found good solution.