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Event/Job Filter events for after job is activated via IoC Container and before IoC container is disposed

I briefly read the code and according to PerformJobWithFilters method all the filter events happen before activation of job and after disposing of the container. This does not allow use/access to the JobActivatorScope.Current static property to be used for any of filters or should I say no event is invoked after job is activated and before IoC container is disposed.

Why am I asking this? IoC container contains DBContext and we need an opportunity to commit the transaction or rollback based on success and failure of job. I think this will be valuable as this gives an opportunity to wrap job with additional layer of code if necessary especially before the job instance is officially lost.

Let me know if there is another way you can achieve this. For now I am using Performing and Performed event to wrap in UoW transaction that is closed after job completion and container is disposed after that, which is again not optimal or should I say hacky but achieves the end goal.