Error IoC resolve type

Hi i’m trying to use Hangfire in my .NET Web API but i got this problem for exemple

 var service = Ioc.Container.Resolve<ISyncService>();
 var res = service.SetAsSeen(rateRequest, token, RequestType.Episodes);
 if(res != null) BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => service.SetAsSeenFireAndForget(rateRequest, token, RequestType.Episodes));
 return res;

Gives me an error saying that SyncService is not registered (inside of Background job service,SetAsSeen used before is working OK) and it’s right is not registered because my register looks like this:


So is trying to resolve SyncService instead of ISyncService, what i’m doing wrong here? (I double checked and ISyncService is really registered on the container passed GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseActivator(new ContainerJobActivator(Ioc.Container));