Enterprise library logging 6.0 - Stop usurping my log

I configured a hangfire implementation with Enterprise Library Logging 5.0 and it does not log Hangfire spam in my logging table (I’m using an MSSQL database for the trace listener). In a new implementation I used Enterprise Library Logging 6.0 and now I’m getting a flood of Hangfire logging like:

Hangfire.SqlServer.ExpirationManager Removing outdated records from the ‘Hash’ table…

How can I configure my Enteprise logging to ignore any hangfire error messages unless they’re Critical?

BTW Hangfire is Locale agnostic … still. It would be nice if the timestamp in my database wasn’t 5h ahead of the actual MSSQL server’s locale.

Well since there has been overwhelming information here and elsewhere about this issue, I eventually figured out a way to filter out the Hangfire events so they wouldn’t get logged in my database listener.