Ecurring job '<any job id>' can not be scheduled due to job load exception

Any Idea what this warning is all about. This job is not yet complete, but its re-trying every couple of minute.

Level: Warn
Logger: Hangfire.Server.RecurringJobScheduler
Message: Recurring job ā€˜ā€™ can not be scheduled due to job load exception.
Callsite: Hangfire.Logging.LogProviders.NLogLogProvider+NLogLogger.LogException
Stacktrace: AutomaticRetryServerComponentWrapper.ExecuteWithAutomaticRetry => RecurringJobScheduler.Execute => NLogLogger.LogException

Can you post the full inner exception details and its stack trace?

Guess the issue is on my end, I might have scheduled this job and now I have this code removed from this file and placed it somewhere else. Guess its looking to find this method out to cancel them. Thanks!

Could not load the job. See inner exception for the details. Hangfire.Common.JobLoadException Hangfire.Common.Job Deserialize() at Hangfire.Storage.InvocationData.Deserialize()
at Hangfire.Server.RecurringJobScheduler.TryScheduleJob(IStorageConnection connection, String recurringJobId, Dictionary2 recurringJob) at Hangfire.Server.RecurringJobScheduler.Execute(CancellationToken cancellationToken) The typeCareCam.Workflow.Activitywork.ActivityExpirationdoes not contain a method with signatureResumeProtocolWF(ProtocolResumeMessage)` System.InvalidOperationException Hangfire.Common.Job Deserialize() at Hangfire.Storage.InvocationData.Deserialize()

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