Dependency Injection in Filters


I’m implementing some logic that runs after the execution of every job. At first, the Job Filters functionality seemed ideal, however I soon realised that it suffers from the same problems as filters in ASP MVC (due to the same architecture / concepts), such that any class implementing the filters cannot be used for dependency injection.

I have worked out a solution that involves create a custom IJobFilterProvider which is capable of grabbing my custom filter from the DI container. This custom provider was then registered with the (undocumented) JobFilterProviders like so:

var container = new Container(...);
JobFilterProviders.Providers.Add(new StructureMapAuditFilterProvider(container));

where StructrueMapAuditFilterProvider looks like:

public class StructureMapAuditFilterProvider : IJobFilterProvider {
    private readonly IContainer _container;

    public StructureMapAuditFilterProvider(IContainer container) {
        _container = container;

    IEnumerable<JobFilter> IJobFilterProvider.GetFilters(Job job) {
        var auditFilter = _container.GetInstance(typeof (AuditingFilter));
        yield return new JobFilter(auditFilter, JobFilterScope.Global, null);

While this does work for me, I don’t feel like it’s a solution that fits with Hangfire and feel there should be a better way than using my DI container to manually resolve an instance.

Is there a better way to achieve this?