Dashboard enhancements

Hi all,
i would like to suggest some changes to dashboard in order to make more “human-readable” some grid

First of all, i suggest to add this properties to each type of job (recurring or not):

  • Name
  • Description
  • Group

Name → Human-readable name of job
Description → Description of the job
Group → Name of the group (in order to group jobs by category/context)

Then transform all the grid in hierarchical grid, grouped by Group, remove the column Job (in my case all job implement the same interface then the Job column is not significant) and add the column Name

When i click to a job, besides show all job info, show also the job “Description”.

What do you think about it? There is already a dashboard like this?

In the past i have already create a dashboard for my custom scheduler engine (see attachment). On the left the grouped list of jobs, with schedulation info, last execution , etc… On the right a realtime list of running jobs

Thank you,
have a nice day