Dashboard Displays Incorrect RecurringJobs After A Code Change

I’m using a Windows Service to process hangfire jobs and SQL Server to storage.

This is my scenario.

Previously I had 4 RecurringJobs (A,B,C,D) and when I started the Windows service, it worked smoothly.
Then I had to remove one RecurringJob (D) and rename another one (C to E). After the code change I stopped the service and restarted it.
But then the dashboard displayed 4 RecurringJobs (A,B,E,A) instead of 3. It displayed the ‘A’ RecurringJob twice in the Recurring Jobs tab.
I manually deleted it from the dashboard and then it worked fine.

I have a lot of questions :slight_smile: Any chance they were defined in the startup code that was executed just after a restart? How did you create those background jobs? Did you manually entered ids for them?