Dashboard 404 for js and css in Umbraco 8

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I have a clean installation of Umbraco 8 and hangfire.
I have followed all the recommended installation guidelines for OWIN, but I’m getting a 404 response for the JS and CSS resources when viewing the dashboard. Everything else seems to work ok. I am running this in VS2019 using .Net 4.7.2 with IIS Express, but also getting the same result if I host locally in IIS full.

Here is my setup file and a screenshot of the dashboard (I have more screenshots, but am currently limited to uploading only 2… more can be uploaded here as requested, AuthHandler, web.config etc.)

Weirdly, when I look at the response in the dev tools, I can see that the resource is actually being served (even though a 404 was returned)…

Am I missing something here?


btw… I’ve been Googling for an answer to this now for 2 days, and all suggestions were tried without success :frowning:


Is your connection string correct?


@bigB Yes it is, if I enques jobs, I can see them in the (limited) dashboard.



Change your web.configs reservedpaths:


I did, not joy either