Cron expression human readable description missing

Hi, I haven’t used Hangfire in a while but I remember that in the Recurring jobs page, more specifically on the cron expression column, it used to have a more human readable description of the expression.
Currently it shows only the cron expression itself.
Is this the expected behaviour?
I’m using Hangfire 1.6.19 in a Net Core Project.

You can see a screenshot of this behaviour here:

It used to look like this:

Just found this out:

• Changed – Recurring job page displays now raw cron strings, descriptions are in tooltips.

Bummer, this was really useful to check if the cron expressions were correct.
The tooltips don’t work in all browsers.
It would be more useful having a new column with the description (and keep the raw cron string).
There’s more than enough space in the page.