Configure SQL Server Schema Name

When using SQL Server storage, all DB objects are installed in a Hangfire schema. I was wondering if the schema name is configurable?
Looking at the code, I see it is not. But I’m wondering if this was ever requested or is part of a roadmap.

Would you like to create a Pull Request for this feature?

In the meantime, I have figured out that we won’t need this feature. Also, it seems that nobody else is. So, I won’t create a pull request :smile:

Feel free to close or remove this discussion.

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It is not a feature, it is a solution to “I want to use one SQL db for Hangfire from multiple applications”. This will be the simplest solution (another one – reference multiple project). But if you don’t need it, that is ok :smile:.

Good point. I haven’t even thought of that since my requirement was coming from a different background. Yet, we won’t need both in the near future it seems.

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I’m just curious – what was your background? Was it security related?

Yes and no. It was a combination of two factors:

  1. Under the assumption that our application wouldn’t have dbo permissions, we thought that our app would have to install the DB schema for Hangfire.
  2. In that case, we would have used Mig# which we are using anyways. However, Mig#, by design, doesn’t offer support for SQL Server schemas.

Luckily, assumption 1 turned out to be wrong :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for the information!