Complex Object not being seralized?

Following the postal tutorial, If I change the enqueue call to pass a NewCommentEmail object, when the background job runs (and in the Hangfire Dashboard) the job does not seralize the passed argument.

Changed Enqueue line in the HomeController Create method:

  var email = new NewCommentEmail
                To = "",
                UserName = model.UserName,
                Comment = model.Text

            _jobClient.Enqueue(() => SendEmail.SendWithFullObject(email));

The SendWithFullObject Method

public static void SendWithFullObject(NewCommentEmail email)
        // Prepare Postal classes to work outside of ASP.NET request
        var viewsPath = Path.GetFullPath(HostingEnvironment.MapPath(@"~/Views/Emails"));
        var engines = new ViewEngineCollection();
        engines.Add(new FileSystemRazorViewEngine(viewsPath));

        var emailService = new EmailService(engines);

        email.To = "";


Example of job in the Hangfire Dashboard.

“Serialization/deserialization process is transparent. Just pass an instance:”

 BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => Console.WriteLine(new MySuperObject { Property1 = "Value1" }));"

How did you know about this? Was there some exception? What shows the dashboard?