Change Default Queue for Local Development

Is there a way set the default Queue Name globally (different than default)? I want to avoid needing to run SQL Server for local development, but my jobs are getting processed by development servers rather than my local. I think if if i do something like this:

        var localQueue = new List<string>() { Environment.MachineName.ToLower() };
        var serviceOptions = new BackgroundJobServerOptions
            Queues = localQueue.ToArray(), 

it will register my local machine with it’s own queue. However i need all the jobs that come from my machine to automatically creates jobs in machines queue. I know i know, i can specific the queue name in all the backgroundjobs i create, but is there a global setting that will accomplish this instead?

Thanks you

Try using storing the queue name in the web.config appsettings block, then just reference:


Then use the web.debug.config transform feature of Visual Studio to use different settings from Live to Local

Funny, that’s exactly what i ended up doing.