Being forced to DI a IRecurringJobManager to ensure Hangfire initialised

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I’m trying to schedule a simple recurring job from one of my classes in an ASP.NET core 3.1 app backed up by Mongo storage.

When I try to just call RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate, however, I get a jobstorage.current property value has not been initialized error. I note that the configuration code within the configuration block isn’t being called:

            configuration => configuration
                    new MongoStorageOptions
                        // we don't have critical tasks that need to be persisted across upgrades, we can drop with no backup
                        MigrationOptions = new MongoMigrationOptions
                            MigrationStrategy = new DropMongoMigrationStrategy()
                        Prefix = "hangfire.mongo",
                        CheckConnection = true


If I attempt to inject IRecurringJobManager into the class trying to schedule the job and instead call injectedJobManager.AddOrUpdate<T>(...) the configuration code is called as expected and the application runs.

Am I missing a step in configuring the application? I’m not running Dashboard, but have got all the code on ASP.NET Core Applications — Hangfire Documentation under ‘registering services’