Basic Setup: Logging & Failing A Job


This looks like a great tool (using v1.4.6, with TextBufferLogProvider for testing purposes). I’m hoping someone can help answer a few questions; which are largely unclear from the documentation and from experimenting:

1) Logging
a) Do I need to provide my own feature to View Logging information for a job?
b) Is Logging information available on the Job History page?

2) Failing A Job / Not Critically Injuring The Job With An Exception
a) I know that if I throw an Exception, this would fail a job. But that seems like a very excessive thing to do in general… Inside of my actual Job code, how would I tell it to Status=Fail without having to throw an exception? I tried returning False from my static method that I Enqueue, but it always shows Success, unless I throw an exception…

I also want logging support in the dashboard. It would be nice to click on a successfull job and se that 300 records where updated or something like that instead of going to the log4net-log to see this…