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Background job which returns the result right away, is not returned by API call as "succeeded"

Found something very strange today. The job corresponding to the method call, which returns the result right away (it has nothing to process), is not returned as succeeded with the following API call:

        var api = JobStorage.Current.GetMonitoringApi();
        var job = api.SucceededJobs(0, int.MaxValue).FirstOrDefault(job => job.Key == fireForgetJobId); // job is NULL here

Despite the fact, that according to the Dashboard, the background job has been completed successfully 2 mins ago.
I have not met this problem with another job, which has processing data and takes some time to complete.

I use a separate Job Server. But I don’t think it should matter, because despite the fact each application uses own JobStorage.Current, the DB is the same, so the list of jobs must be the same as well.