ASP.Net MVC 5.2.3 - Long-running task gets cancelled

Hello, I have an ASP.Net MVC 5.2.3 application that has a need to offload the long-running task.
I am in the process of evaluating Hangfire for this task, but can’t get the long-running task run through completion. It gets cancelled after about 1.5-2 minutes and gets retried again. That is while debugging in VS2017 using development server.

The use case:
posts a request, if the the processing needs to be done in the background, kick the long-running process off in the background, return view stating that the processing is done in the background.

The long-running task does the following:

  • calls a web-service asynchronously (could be 10-15 minutes), await result
  • generates spreadsheet from the result
  • emails the spreadsheet

Does anyone have any input on what am I missing?