Asp Net Core Dependency Injection & Hangire

Hey there, I am playing around with the new asp net, .net core and hangfire. What I have is a service that does a little work and saves its results into the db. The necessary DBContext is required in the constructor and Asp Net dependency injection does fine and supplies the DbContext.

Now comes Hangfire into play: what I want is a recuring job, that simply uses that service every 15 minutes. The problem is that the DI now does not work. My only idea is to simply use the Hangfire job to perform a webapi request s.t everything goes the regular way upon from there, but is that realy how it is supposed to work?

How so, exactly? Does the server and dashboard come up ok? If so, what is the error that it logs for the job?
Did you register your job class in ConfigureServices? services.AddTransient<YourJobClass>();