Almost impossible to add logging for Hangfire

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It seems that it is almost impossible to add any logging with Hangfire (Net40).

It is very confusing, which versions to use to configure the logger as per the help article I am using the Hangfire (.net4) which uses the Common.Logging (2.2.0) which Nlog and Nlog adapters should i use?

We are using the Log4Net and it would be nice if I know which version of Log4Net are compatible. Log4Net adapters are using the Common.Logging > = 2.3.1 and getting compile error…

Have anyone configured it?

.NET 4.0 is not officially supported by Hangfire yet. Those packages on NuGet are made by @phillcampbell.

Hangfire 1.3.0 will use another library for logging purposes, but I don’t know whether Phill will release a new version, it is hard to merge it.