Almost impossible to add logging for Hangfire


It seems that it is almost impossible to add any logging with Hangfire (Net40).

It is very confusing, which versions to use to configure the logger as per the help article I am using the Hangfire (.net4) which uses the Common.Logging (2.2.0) which Nlog and Nlog adapters should i use?

We are using the Log4Net and it would be nice if I know which version of Log4Net are compatible. Log4Net adapters are using the Common.Logging > = 2.3.1 and getting compile error…

Have anyone configured it?

.NET 4.0 is not officially supported by Hangfire yet. Those packages on NuGet are made by @phillcampbell.

Hangfire 1.3.0 will use another library for logging purposes, but I don’t know whether Phill will release a new version, it is hard to merge it.