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Additional server contain "DRYRUN" term with old queue name keep on spawning despite delete the id on [HANGFIRE].[Server] database table

Hi all, I am a very happy user who is using hangfire to run my day-to-day operation on an ASP.NET MVC Website with .NET 4.8 Framework hosted on an IIS Server.

Recently (1-2 weeks ago), it occurred to me that even though I have implemented the code to assign a new name to the servers and rename the queue as below:

//Configure the Background Job Server Options
BackgroundJobServerOptions _backgroundJobServerOptions = new BackgroundJobServerOptions
    Queues = new[] { "prod-ltbweb-queue" },
    WorkerCount = 10,
    ServerName = Environment.MachineName + "-PROD-LTBWEBAPP-BGTASK"

I am still having server spawning with the old queues name and the server name with “DRYRUN” associated with the server name. It’s kinda annoying for me to have it there, and no matter how many times I have deleted it from the SQL Server table of [Hangfire].[Server]. It will spawn like 1 minute later.

I have planned to perhaps run a task to delete all these servers with “DRYRUN” terms per minute, but I figured its seem a bit of extra to just remove this information.

Not sure did anyone having the same issue as I, please let me know so I believe we could work together in this matter. Contact me for any details if needed.

Pleasure to be here! :smiley: