AddHangfireServer with additional processes

I am getting started with Hangfire as a console app. When I start this I want to add an additional background process. I am using the SqlServerStorage.

private static void Main(string[] args) {
            var host = Host.CreateDefaultBuilder(args)
                .ConfigureAppConfiguration((ctx, cb) => ConfigBuilder(cb, args))
                .ConfigureServices((ctx, svcColl) => ConfigureServices(svcColl, ctx.Configuration))

private static void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services, IConfiguration cfg) {
    var dbcs = cfg.GetValue<string>("ConnectionStrings:DB");
    _ = services.AddHangfire(gc => {
        _ = gc

    _ = services.AddHangfireServer(JobStorage.Current, new[] { new MyProcess { } });

The AddHangfireServer call throws an exception : 'Current JobStorage instance has not been initialized yet. which makes sense in this case. How do I get this process tied in so it runs in the background?

Regarding error Current JobStorage instance has not been initialized yet,had you taken a look at this Answer?