Add/Remove job type from management page programatically with Hangfire dashboard

Inside Startup.cs I have the following line.


This will generate a management page and every class inside the same assembly as MyJob will show up on the Hangfire dashboard. Is there a way for me to have better control over what gets included? For example, I want 2 job types from this assembly included on the dashboard. I want to use a separate hangfire instance for the other two jobs as they will require a different environment to run. I was hoping I didnt have to create a new project to store these other classes in.

Is it possible for me to specify the classes to include in the hangfire dashboard rather than just using everything in the assembly?

If I can only use an assembly, is it possible to manipulate the classes inside the assembly to get rid of the ones I don’t want? I can see a read only collection called “Exported Types” inside the assembly which i am guessing is what Hangfire uses to build the UI sections.