Add details to Hangfire Dashboard

Hello! I wanna know if there is any way to save at the end of a process some “result” and display it in the dashboad like a new column or concatenate it in the method name.
For example in the succeeded process the actual columns are
Id | Job | Total Duration | Succeeded
444 | ProcessName | 500ms | 2 minutes ago

And I need something like
Id | Job | Total Duration | Result | Succeeded
444 | ProcessName | 500ms 2 | 2 rows edited | 2 minutes ago


You can save a result with a job by returning a Task from the method the job is calling, and it will arrive in the UI on the Jobs page - or you can get it from the DB from the state table like this. Does that help?

SELECT, j.invocationdata::json->>‘Type’ as Type, j.createdat,>>‘Result’ as Result
FROM job j
INNER JOIN state s ON = s.jobid
WHERE IN (2768, 2755)
AND = ‘Succeeded’