AcquireDistributedJobLock -- proper usage?

I’m using “MemoryStorage” for jobs storage and a “AutoFac” IoC.

While attempting to acquire a lock on a recurring job I receive no exception and the resulting object from the acquire call doesn’t seem to contain much information. Here is my usage:

Executing code:

            using (var connection = JobStorage.Current.GetConnection())
            using (var job_lock = connection.AcquireDistributedJobLock(job_id, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)))
                Trace.WriteLine("locked test");
                Thread.Sleep(1000 * 10000); /* sleep for 10K seconds */

        catch (Exception ex)
            throw ex;

Recurring jobs setup:

            GetJobName("0", "1"),
            x => x.isExecuting("0", "1"),
            Cron.MinuteInterval((int)Math.Ceiling((double)watchIntervalInMs / 1000 / 60)), TimeZoneInfo.Local);

I would expect the code above to acquire a lock on a job and not allow any subsequent execution for 10K seconds.

However following calls on a recurring job (which runs every minute) get through just fine with no exceptions.

Is there’s something wrong with my code? Or does “MemoryStorage” not support locking? Is there an alternative?

Thanks in advance!