Access Hangfire job scoped services from singleton

I am using ApplicationInsights and Hangfire in AspnetCore. Application Insights registers its components as singletons.
My Hangfire job receives a new scope from DI to run in. I have my components registered in DI as scoped lifetime:
services.AddScoped(typeof(IMyJobContext), typeof(MyJobContext)).
I am creating an object through IServiceProvider.GetService(typeof(IMyJobContext)) in the job’s scope.

Appinsights uses a concept of a TelemetryInitializer to add some data to the telemetry. I am not able to acquire the same IMyJobContext object in the TelemetryInitializer, as it is a singleton and therefore in a different (parent) scope.

I am looking for something similar to aspnet’s IHttpContextAccessor.HttpContext.RequestServices.GetService(typeof(IMyRequestContext)). Is there such a thing in Hangfire that would allow access to some more specific scope?

May I ask, how are you creating a new scope and passing this to your hangfire jobs? I have recently hit an issue, with DbContext being injected from ApplicationServices into my job classes, but as DbContext is a scoped service, it requires a scope to be created, otherwise all the jobs get the same instance of DbContext, and end up accessing it concurrently.