2 Different version of InvocationData catched

Hi folks!

I am using Hangfire together with Hangfire.RecurringJobExtensions https://github.com/icsharp/Hangfire.RecurringJobExtensions

After some upgrade recently I noticed that some of jobs serialized as

{“t”:“FeedJob.FeedJob, FeedJob”,“m”:“Execute”,“p”:[“Hangfire.Server.PerformContext, Hangfire.Core”],“a”:[null]}

(with 1 letter as member name) while others as

{“Type”:“Hangfire.Samples.MyJob1, Hangfire.Samples, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”,“Method”:“Execute”,“ParameterTypes”:"[“Hangfire.Server.PerformContext, Hangfire.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”]",“Arguments”:"[null]"}

(with full name)

Due to this inconsistency I got exceptions during deserialization.

I am wondering if you can help me to change something and have one serialization mechanism instead of two?

Did you happen to use 1.7.0-beta1 at some point? It changes the way the jobs are serialized (and supports both the old and the new one). But the older versions will obviously fail to deserialize the new serialization.