10 seconds delay after enqueue

Found that, HF would wait about 10 seconds after job enqueued, then only process the job. I can see it Enqueue, Processing and Successed time logged in State table.

Anyway to “speed it up”?

This is because SQL Server implementation uses polling technique to get jobs. You have the following ways:

  1. Decrease the polling interval as written here.
  2. Enpower Hangfire with MSMQ extension or with RabbitMQ.
  3. Switch Hangfire to use ultra-fast Redis storage. However, this is a paid extension.

The last two items does not use polling at all, and jobs are being fetched almost instantly. The first one is simple, but big number of workers can hurt your database with a number of queries.

I am using Redis but there is still delay in firing the scheduled job. There is sometime 5 sec delay sometime evenmore.

How can I reduce the delay?

Please help!!!

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