Using to manage dependency classes

Hi guys

We’re using to manage our dependency injections but when we get to the method ran by hangfire, the dependency classes are null. Using other IoC containers are not an option yet- please dont ask why :stuck_out_tongue:

Code’s like this:
class docUpload {
IDependencyClass1 DClass1;
IDependencyClass2 DClass2;

uploadDoc() {
   Dclass1.doSomething(); //Dclass1 is null here


Then in spring xml

  <object id="docUpload " type="some code here">
    <property name="DClass1" ref="DClass1" />
    <property name="DClass2" ref="DClass2" />

It has integration with
But it if You want to stick with hangfire you should checkout JobActivator class, inherit it and implement getting of deps using ioc
Please ask questions on f you like.