TaskCanceledException every 30 min

Failed to process the job ‘64f59967-b32e-42d0-852e-6a93c4a28c9a’: an exception occurred. System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.

I have a long running task (about 2-4hr) that continually cancels at exactly 30m after starting. It will go into auto retry, run, and same after 30 min. Is there something internal limiting tasks to a 30 min limit?

Could be IIS worker recycling every 30 minutes.

Would that still be the case when the workers are actually windows services? The dashboard iis process doesn’t deal with any of the “work”

Even after setting the dashboard to long running I still face a 30 m timeout. I’ll have to dig into the code to figure this one out.

Turns out it was as issue with using Task return types on my jobs. Once I removed the async nature of the job it was fine.