Processing background jobs (Windows Service) affects load of ASP.NET Web API

Currently, I use a ASP.NET Web API application hosted in IIS 8. I also have my Hangfire Host as a Windows Service.
The problem I’m currently facing is that, when some background jobs are processing, the web api seems like it’s waiting for those background jobs to finish. At least, the background jobs are delaying the web api by a large amount sometimes (waiting times of 20+ seconds).

Is there anyone who faced the same issues as I’m having or anyone has an idea about a possible cause/solution?

Allright, so I found the issue after seeing this comment: Hangfire causes application performance issue

I did some file caching within the bin folder of my ASP.NET Web API, which caused the API to wait apparently for the IO to finish. I moved the file caching to somewhere outside my bin folder and it seems to work like a charm now.