Performance problems with up to 50 servers?

Our system is about to go live and we have 50 users. Each user need to be able to process 2 different task types. And each user can only perform one task type at a time. One of the task types need to be prioritized. Hence the need for one server per user with two queues, prioritizing one of the task types. Each server has one worker due to that there can only be one task processing per user at any given moment.

This should work fine in theory but have anyone tested running this many servers and the performance impact this has. I have tested with 14 servers (14 users) and up to 4 users working simultaneously in our test environment without any issues. Also the servers all run on the same IIS

Any idéas?

Update: I’ve read somewhere that the servers run in process so the bottleneck might not be using multiple servers but rather having many queues/workers. Is that the case? If so then I should be able to run up to 100 server if needed. We can scale up performance on the server if we need to.

I read this Server resources and memory etc which makes sense, but does that mean it doen’t matter how many hangfire servers (on the same IIS application) I have running, but rather how many queues and jobs I have running / planning to run?